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A few days after my makeup brush drier rack arrived, I got an email from pupabox.co asking me if I want to try their electric makeup brush cleaner so I said yes!!!

I’ve seen bubz use it before and thought it would be perfect since the brushes would be dried instantly after washing.


This is how the box looks like!



All the collars for the brushes are inside the cleaning tub so you have to take it out yourself.


The spindle. There’s a button that you have to press and hold for it to spin.


Batteries are not included and it runs on 2 x AAA batteries. It would have been good if the batteries were provided since this product is not very cheap

Different sizes of collars that fit different brush handle sizes!


The quality of the plastic isn’t great. Feels pretty cheap and initially it made me feel that this didn’t warrant its price.

Anyway, I just filled half of it with water and then added brush cleaning solution.


I’m using the daiso one! Cheap and super effective.


All my dirty brushes. I have a very bad habit of not washing my brushes regularly like normal people do. Instead of washing them 1x a week, I wash them maybe..... once a month??? Only when it gets really dirty then I’ll wash it because I hated the drying process (pre-taobao rack).

First up was this brush! I use it for bronzer and loose powder. I haven’t washed this in a month or more.

The instructions say to dunk the brush in water for 10 seconds, spin in water for 10 seconds and dry it for 5-10 seconds. I didn’t really follow the timings exactly, just used my eye power to see if it was “clean” and dry. If it wasn’t dry then I’ll just spin it somemore. But definitely washing + drying one brush will be under 1 minute!

It’s very easy!!! Just got to make sure the brush is put in properly and deep into the collar or else the spinning will be a bit wonky. I expected the brush to spin at super high speed but surprisingly, the spin was more gentle than expected. Guess it’s better this way so that it won’t spoil the brushes!

After spinning dry, I don’t find that it’s 100% dry but it’s super close!!! Maybe 98%. As seen in the video, the edges of the brush are a little damp so after blotting it on the tissue and leaving it for about a minute or so, it was COMPLETELY DRY.

The smaller brushes like the eyeshadow brush were completely dry after spinning! To be safe, just spin it longer.

When you want to dry it, just dry it above water level in the tub for a few seconds before bringing it out of the tub if not water will be everywhere

Completely dry brush, don’t need to wait overnight!


Eyeshadow brush before


Eyeshadow brush after

At first I was afraid that the brushes would go out of shape after spinning. It did look funny after drying initially but all you have to do is just pat it back in shape.


This super dense brush took 2 days to air dry on the taobao rack whereas the others took one day.

So I tried it out!


It was dry after a longer spinning time + a bit of blotting in tissue. No need to wait for 2 days anymore!


All my clean brushes. Plus they’re still in good shape.

Looks like I have no excuse to NOT wash my makeup brushes. I better be diligent since this dries almost immediately. I think not washing brushes has contributed to my breakout before.

I feel that if you’re someone who uses makeup once in a blue moon, drying it overnight the normal way is fine. This is not necessary. However for those girls who are makeup junkies and use makeup every day, this is great!!! You can wash your brushes every day- more hygienic and will prevent breakouts.

This “Magic Makeup Brush Washer” can be found on www.pupabox.co and it costs $38. A bit pricey but I think for the convenience of not having to wait 1-2 days for my brushes to air dry, it’s pretty alright. Anyway, if you spend more than $70, you’ll get free door to door delivery so if you and your friend are thinking of getting it, maybe you can order together!

Thank you pupabox.co for the brush cleanser set!

Page source: https://dayre.me/tieponytail/u2yz7QnV7J

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Helping my brother's gf Faustina spread the word of this make up brush cleanser. Pupabox has very kindly sent me one to try out and review this.

I've wanted to get this when I saw Faustina using it on her ig stories so when she asked if I'll like to try and review it I was really very happy!

And yes this product is sponsored but all opinions are my own.


Gonna start by cleaning this first.




Find a collar that matches the brush handle most.


Stick it in.


And attach it to the handle.

I decided that it'll be easier if I filmed the entire thing down instead of taking pictures of the process.


It is indeed super convenient especially because it dries the brushes so quickly! Don't have to wait for the brushes to dry overnight anymore.

Honestly, the drying part really puts me off washing the brushes because 1) what if it's not dry when I need to use it and 2) it's so troublesome to dry them (cannot lie it flat else only one side is drier than the other).

I now can wash them daily if I want to since these brushes can be dried so easily.

However I also noticed that it doesn't work that well with smaller brushes which has a very compact brush head like my eyebrow brush. The concealer brush is a bit more "fluffy" as compared to the eyebrow one so it got cleaned up and dries easier.

It works best with the more "fluffy" brushes like the blusher brush.

The Electric Makeup Brush Washer is now available for purchase via Pupabox for $38 and it comes in black or pink.

There is free shipping (door to door delivery) for orders above $70 so get it with a friend to enjoy the free shipping!

Honestly $38 is not very pricey for something that gives me that much convenience. You only need to pop 2 AAA batteries in. No wires, no mess and it's portable.

Pupabox also sells other stuff like the Hidilao instant hotpot and it was really legit.

Saw my brother and Faustina having it the other day and it really heats up by itself and is a really big serving as well.

For more information/ to purchase one, simply head to:


Or follow them on Ig @/Pupaboxsg for their latest updates.

Page source: https://dayre.me/thankgodforpink/XOohD7OZkr

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