As a shopping platform which caters to gifting needs, Pupabox ensures that your gifts are neatly wrapped up and decorated before delivering them to you, as we believe that gift-wrapping adds a personal touch to the art of gift-giving, and ensures an element of surprise for the receiver. 

Unfortunately, gift-wrapping services are not always guaranteed when you purchase gifts from else where, and many struggle to do it well as a properly wrapped gift requires time, skills and effort. 

Hence, let us share with you a few ways to wrap your gifts! These simple gift-wrapping methods are easy to follow, non-time consuming (takes less than a minute), ensure minimal wastage of materials, and are employed by the Pupabox team to package your precious gifts.



This typical Japanese gift-wrapping style is commonly used by stores (ie. Takashimaya) and is suitable for wrapping box-shaped gifts.

1. Cut out a piece of wrapping paper large enough to wrap your gift and place the gift in the centre of the wrapping paper. Ensure that the paper can cover the width of the box on both sides, and overlaps by approximately 5cm when wrapped around length of the box.

2. Rotate the gift 45° such that its sides are diagonal to that of the wrapping paper. 

3. Tape down a corner of the wrapping paper on the top surface of the gift.

4. Pull the wrapping paper over one side of the gift, folding in any excess. Ensure that the paper aligns with the side of the gift. Tape down to secure and repeat on the other side. (This step may seem a little tricky, watch the video below for more help!)

5. For the final side of the gift, fold down the wrapping paper along both edges of the gift and secure down any excess paper with tape.


Watch the video here:

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Did you know that you can turn a piece of wrapping paper into a paper bag? This is way more cost efficient than purchasing a bag separately and can hold gifts of irregular shapes!

1. Cut out a piece of wrapping paper and fold in one end of the paper as shown.

2. Fold a larger section from the other end of the wrapping paper, overlapping the first fold. Tape down the overlap.

3. Fold the bottom of the wrapping paper upwards. The bigger the fold, the larger the base of your paper bag.

4. Open up the folded section to form a triangles on each side, and the fold down the edges in between the triangles. Secure the base of the bag using tape.

5. After placing the gift inside the bag, fold down the top of the bag and secure using tape, stickers or strings.


Watch the video here:


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Now that you have learnt how to wrap your gifts, it's time for decorations! Here are some easy but aesthetic ways to add some finishing touches to your gifts.  

  • Dip a brush of your chosen size (depending on how big of a splash you prefer) into paint colour of your choice and flick the brush to create some splatter patterns on the wrapping paper.

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  • Cut out the name or initials of the receiver from some glitter paper and adhere it to the wrapping paper using glue or tape.

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  • For a polka dot design, cut out circles on a blank piece of (coloured) paper and paste them on the top surface of the wrapping paper. Finish it off by wrapping a ribbon around your gift.

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Happy gifting! :)