Over the week, the generosity of @pupaboxsg touched this page with its warm fingertips and offered me to play with their products. I really appreciated it. I am really not used to the #sponsoredlife (but HEY! I ain't complaining). & of course, I obviously snatched it from them and ran away, like the little girl I am.

So as featured, are the @ver88official#eityeight Holiday Lip Pencil Set & their OVER-HYPED Face Dewy Glow. I have used both of them and I must say it has exceed my expectations!!!

The Holiday Lip Pencil Set contains 6 different shades in a box. Ranging from a light plum shade to a bright slaying pink. I would say it's the perfect neutral colours to match w any lip colours or if you must, you could just wear it on its own. Its texture is ultra velvety, smooth and matte AF when drawn, and the colour payoff is 100/100. It lasted on me for over 8 hours. My rating is LOVE: 5/5. One of my complaints is that they should actually make MORE COLOUUURRRRRRSS! SIX JUST ISN'T ENOUGH!

The Face Dewy Glow is soooo beautiful! I mixed this with my own foundation and when I applied it on my face, I was amazed that it had given off a radiance and natural glow to it. Its texture is so soft and the highlight is so subtle that it gives off a natural dewy finish (instead of an oily one, you know how sometimes companies have that shit mixed up ). Anyway, back to the point. I LOVE IT. I COULD SEE MYSLEF BUYING ANOTHER ONE AFTER I FINISH THIS BOTTLE. Lasting power: 5.5hrs. LOVE:10/5 . (The rating meter is off the roof w that one! ) .

If you are hella interested to try the products @pupaboxsg sent me, which I highly recommend you do. Please check out http://www.pupabox.co/ and also their instagram! Thank you guys! :) have a good day ahead. LOTS OF LOVE FROM ME


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