About Us

about us

What we do:

Pupabox is an artisan welcome gift company based in Singapore. Our mission is simple. We want you to spread the joy of gift giving and provide a memorable gifting experience for all.

In order to make this happen, there’s a whole lot of thought, imagination, planning, ribbon tying, tissue paper fluffing, and overall magic that goes on behind the scenes. We are a small business that thoughtfully and carefully prepares each order ourselves, specifically with you and your style in mind. We look forward to creating something you’ll be over-the-moon excited to give.

Our Story:

Pupabox was founded by Charlene for one reason, to make gifting an easy and fuss free experience for the gifter, yet thoughtful and full of love for the receiver. Charlene grew up in a big family in Singapore with 3 other siblings.


Growing up, her parents were often too busy with work to hand a gift on her birthday, and her siblings had no money to buy a gift, which led her to feel less important as a member of the family. She was often neglected, and her birthdays consisted none of celebrations, songs, cakes or even presents.
She could only envy her friends and classmates with wounded desolation.


All these desolation led to the birth of Pupabox, a gifting platform where she wanted to make gifting a hassle free experience and to promote the value and joy of of gift giving by catering to gifting needs. Thus we stand by our value to make sure our gifts are handpicked or handmade, and most importantly, all assembled with love.